Smart home systems

With smart home systems, we offer comprehensive services to help you create a custom automated environment in your home. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the design, installation and configuration of smart home systems. We present you our smart home service packages. By familiarizing yourself with our service packages, you can evaluate our offer that suits you. With smart home systems, you will feel speciaWhat are Smart Home Systems?
Smart home systems refer to a collection of advanced technologies that allow you to manage, automate, and monitor various aspects of your home. These systems allow you to interact with your home appliances, lighting, heating and security systems via a smartphone app or central interface. With smart home systems, you can adjust your home environment to your preferences, improve your quality of life, and increase your security and peace of mind. Whether you want to control lighting from anywhere, automate your heating and cooling, or monitor your home while you're away, smart home systems offer endless possibilities to make your home smarter, more efficient and more connected.

Our Inohom smart home products offer a comprehensive solution for all your smart home and building needs. With easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive controls, you can enjoy a smarter, more connected home at the touch of a button.

Our products are designed to be both standalone and interconnected. Whether you want to automate your lighting and heating, control your devices from anywhere, or create personalized home scenarios, our products offer the flexibility and versatility you need.

How does a home become a smart home?
A home can include the following steps to become a smart home:

Internet connection: The smart home system requires an internet connection.
Selection of smart devices: Smart thermostat, smart switch, smart security camera, smart lighting system and other smart devices should be selected.
Integration between devices: Selected smart devices should be integrated with each other.
Creating a control center: A control center must be created for smart devices (for example, a smartphone or tablet).
Using an app or software: A smartphone app or web-based software can be used to control a smart home system.
These steps can help you turn your home into a smart home system.

What Are the Features of a Smart Home System?

Energy efficiency
Use energy efficiently with Smarthome, achieve a more livable world and higher living standards.


Are the precautions you take adequate for the safety of your home? Did you hear an alarming noise in the dark of night?

You can turn on all the lights at once by simply pressing the button next to your bed. The more secure your building is, the safer you feel.

Motion sensors can detect and remove intruders before they enter the home, sound a siren and notify via SMS if doors or windows are tampered with.

Safety against fire, flood or gas leakage can be ensured with the help of smoke detectors, heat detectors, flood sensors and gas leak detectors. Thanks to the cameras to be placed, it is possible to remotely monitor and record images via the Internet or mobile phone.

With motion detectors integrated into your home's smart building automation system, you are protected against theft.

Smarthome is a system with flood detectors, gas, smoke and heat detectors to prevent water leaks that may occur when you are not at home, and a system that alerts you to any negative actions and activates various scenarios for the possibility of gas, smoke leaks and fire. can happen in your home.

In addition, with presence detectors integrated into the system, you will be aware of the movement of assets in different parts of your home or office.

Remote access

With remote access, you can monitor your home's systems before you even get home. So you can feel your home alive while you're out and about.

If you want to be greeted in a warm environment before coming home, you can connect to the system from your mobile phone, operate your heating system at the desired temperature and connect other controls related to air conditioning (dehumidification, fan speed control). , underfloor heating, etc.) then plug it into your system.

You can connect to your home system via PC or iPad and activate the scenarios you want.

No matter where you are in the world, you can monitor your building via the Internet with remote access.

At the intersection of aesthetics and mind...

Bringing separately used functions together with optimized energy use, Makel smart building technology rises above the global standard KNX norms.l when you are in your home, you will enjoy the comfort it provides.