Setting up a server room

Server rooms - used to ensure the safe, reliable and continuous operation of all the equipment that makes up the IT system and the servers, which are the heart of the system.

We use the EIA/TIA-569-B standard in the process of preparing server rooms. According to this standard, the following indicators should be taken into account to create an optimal environment in the server room:

Air temperature in the room (180C – 240C)
Relative humidity (30% - 55%)
Amount of dust (10-6 g/m3)
Effects of electromagnetic waves (>3 V/m)
Illumination level (540 lk)
Atmospheric pressure (147 Pa)
In addition, to ensure uninterrupted operation and security of the equipment in the server room, it is necessary to install the following equipment:

1. Energy system

Distribution unit

2. Micro climate units

Ventilation system
Microclimate control unit

3. Security devices

Access control device
Security warning device (alarm)
Fire alarm device
Video surveillance device (camera)
Automatic fire extinguishing system