Şlaqbaumların quraşdırılması

Automatic Barriers are a state-of-the-art solution for controlling closed areas and some places where traffic and visitors are restricted. These barriers, which are also suitable for daily use, are distinguished by their ease of use and high quality.

Automatic barrier systems

Automatic barrier systems work through motion commands sent to a chip in the system by an electric motor, an arm and a software support. This system can optionally be used with remote control, push button control, card reader systems such as KGS, OGS, Proximity and all other direct systems.

At the same time, access control systems can be integrated thanks to advanced software command systems. Thus, thanks to the automatic barrier systems, the management board of enterprises and companies can ensure the attendance of personnel and traffic control.

If parking lots do not have checkpoints to regulate traffic, problems are inevitable. A high-quality barrier system prevents the unauthorized entry of the car and allows to ensure any traffic flow at any time. Automatic barrier systems are 100% adapted to your holding, cafes and restaurants you operate, building you live in and any area you want to use for commercial purposes.

Compared to gates, barriers have advantages: for example, because the barrier is less bulky, it takes less time to open and close, which allows faster use of the passage, requires less time to assemble, etc.