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What is Cloud Technology? What Does It Do?
Have we put the files in the cloud? Are we in the cloud right now? Shall we keep them in the cloud? We have probably witnessed these questions being asked around us from time to time. So, what is this cloud technology, which now takes so much place in our lives, and what do cloud solutions offer us?

Today, everyone uses more than one technological device. Computer, phone, tablet, television and game console are just some of these technological devices. All of them contain a lot of files, personal data and photos. But these devices have a certain amount of storage space available, and often enough that storage space is not enough to save every file you have. In this case, cloud technology comes into play. “What is cloud technology and what does it do?” You can find the answers to your questions in this article.

What is Cloud Technology?
Cloud technology, in its simplest definition, keeps users' data with a digital network. Your data is stored on cloud technology without taking up space on your phone or computer memory. You can access your data and files from your other devices with your e-mail and password. Thus, cloud technology allows you to both store and exchange data between your other devices.

How Cloud Technology Works
Cloud technology allows you to store over the internet through various software. With virtual storage, your data is stored on the internet. Thus, you do not need physical storage areas such as hard disks. You can also access your data whenever you want. Cloud technology stores with API, or application programming interface, and also provides services in three categories: IaaS (infrastructure), PaaS (platform), SaaS (software).

What Does Cloud Technology Do?
Today, every user and company, regardless of individual or corporate, benefits from cloud technology. Cloud technology has become a must, especially for active internet users. Thanks to cloud technology, many services such as storage, software, computing services, state recovery and data sharing between users are performed virtually over the internet. It is used quite often not only among individuals, but also among institutions. Every institution, from healthcare institutions to security companies, uses cloud technology to improve their workspace and provide the highest quality service to their customers.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Technology?
The biggest advantage of cloud technology is that you can store your data without the need for any disk and access them whenever you want from any device. You don't have to worry about your large documents taking up too much space on your phone or computer. You can access your photos, videos and many other data instantly on other devices by just entering your e-mail address and password. Another advantage is that cloud technology does not require any installation. Usually, these apps come pre-installed on your mobile devices. If not, you can easily download it from Google Play or AppStore. Thus, you can use cloud technology without dealing with any institution. The use of cloud technology by corporate companies can save them from a great cost. Thus, companies do not have to pay extra money for activities such as installing software or setting up a data center. In addition, your data is kept backed up in cloud technology. In this way, if something happens to your phone or computer, you will not lose your data. In this respect, we can say that cloud technology increases security.
Cloud technology also protects your data against potential threats. You can also share your files with anyone you want. No one can access your files without your permission. You can access your data and computing resources whenever and wherever you want, even if you have an internet connection. Cloud technology provides much more storage space than HDDs. Perhaps the only disadvantage of cloud technology is that you can access your data only when there is internet. Because your data is protected by a virtual storage on the internet. For this reason, if you do not have an internet connection where you are, you cannot access your data. However, thanks to various applications that allow you to view files while offline, you can download these files to your device while you have internet access and use them without a connection.