Computer service

The reliable and continuous operation of computers is an important condition for the successful operation of the organization. Computers today perform a multitude of functions, and their failure can shut down sales, accounting, or even an entire organization at the most inopportune moment.

To prevent these situations, Logi Group LLC offers the following services:

Taking preventive measures to prevent damage and wear of computers and equipment
Prompt repair and replacement of computers and peripherals (printer, scanner, fax, etc.).
Providing computer, software and other equipment related consultations to users
Diagnosing faults, troubleshooting and providing advice on software and hardware
Diagnostics and treatment of virus-infected computers and notebooks
Preparation of proposals for renewal of used equipment
Dismantling, moving and assembling of computers during the transfer of employees within the office
Replacement of consumables for printers, fax machines and copiers
Connecting and rooting peripherals
Sale, installation, assembly, programming of mini ATS
Creating a protection system against viruses and hackers
Rooting computers and updating equipment (upgrade)
Rooting and updating software
  In case of the need for the services listed above, Logi Group company employees first provide services with the help of remote control tools. If it is not possible to provide full service by this method, an IT specialist is sent to the Customer's address.

All requests from the Client's users are received and processed by Logi Group's Technical Support Group. All received requests are registered in the CRM system (automated customer relationship management system). Centralized reception of applications and registration in an automated system (CRM system) allows us to provide quality services to our customers in a timely manner and in the required volume.