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What is an alarm system, what are its types?
The types of alarm systems may differ according to the areas where the products are used and their purpose. Smart technology models, sensor alarm system models, and motion detection alarm systems are some of these product types. Smart technology products are products that can be controlled remotely and all kinds of operations can be easily performed. It can work together with other smart devices. It can give a remote panic signal. Instant notification can be received from the device. The entire event history can be viewed quickly at any time. It provides easy access to all kinds of system-related software on a single page. And sensor products have the ability to detect substances such as light, sound or gas. It has a very sensitive structure. Its outer cover is resistant to all kinds of influences. Many different sizes are available. It does not create a bad image in the area where it is applied. It has a very great design. It has been serving its users for many years. It is widely used in multi-storey buildings and workplaces. Motion detection alarm systems are ideal product options for homes and businesses. There are different models according to the type of door and window to be applied. Higher efficiency is achieved when used with detectors. According to areas of use of alarm systems; There are different types such as fire, burglary, gas leak, flood, emergency medical service, camera alarm, automatic alarm, home alarm and workplace alarm. Burglar alarm systems can also be used with features such as money traps or magnetic contacts. It is very important to subscribe to the system for early intervention. Gas leak alarm systems instantly recognize any type of gas, odorless or odorless. Quickly activates alarm systems. A variety of car alarm systems help keep your vehicles safe. It is activated during any intrusion into your vehicle. Biometric alarm systems are designed and used individually. It works with support for face recognition or fingerprint reading. Ideal for areas that require a high level of protection. All these alarm systems are produced by different brands. Ajax is among the brands that produce alarm systems.