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What is IP Phone?
Today, with the widespread use of the internet; A new question has become the agenda, what is ip phone? Although the answer to the question of what is an IP phone may seem complicated, it is quite simple. The term IP phone means a phone that provides voice communication via the internet or intranet. This definition is a simple explanation of the answer to the question of what is an ip phone and what is an ip phone. The IP phone takes analog audio signals and converts them to digital audio signals and transfers these audio signals with internet protocol. Thanks to the realization of voice transmission over IP, it is possible for us to make low-cost or free calls, including international calls with fixed or mobile phones. In addition, we can convert the traditional phones we currently use into VoIP phones through suitable adapters. During the conventional, analog or digital connections used by the users, we can enable other users to use an IP device, providing the transition from voice to data networks, and enabling them to communicate through special gateways.

The most important point to be mentioned in the answer to the question of what is an ip phone, which we have devoted this article to; VoIP is the conversion of analog audio signals into digital signals and the operation of these translated digital signals over the internet. Because; The most important point for the VoIP system is to provide access to the internet. Thanks to VoIP, the use of broadband internet will be the solution in order to ensure uninterrupted and quality communication.

In addition, thanks to technological developments, the scope of the question of what is an ip phone and the answer to the question of what is an ip phone are expanding day by day. Thanks to technological developments, there are different solutions about VoIP or solutions are suggested day by day. Although all VoIP solutions need internet infrastructure, they can vary in terms of connection type and hardware used. All types of VoIP used today are used from computer to computer, thanks to IP phone and Analog Telephone adapter. Transferring from computer to computer is one of the easiest methods. In addition, it can be achieved by making use of the existing programs of the computer.

Besides the question of what is IP phone, VoIP solutions are also very important. One of these solutions is the use of IP telephony. IP phones may show similarities with classical corded phones in terms of appearance. The difference is that IP phones, unlike conventional phones, provide voice transmission over the internet line. The most preferred phones among VoIP systems are IP phones. Analog phones can be connected to a conventional phone, computer or directly to the internet line with VoIp technology. The analog telephone adapter also acts as an analog audio adapter. It can take the analog signals from the phone and convert it into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. In addition to the question of what is an ip phone, the question of what is an ip phone and how to use it is also very important.

What is IP Phone, How is it Made?
During conversations between two users using VoIP, the voices are divided into certain code suffixes. To exemplify this situation; when we make a phone call, our voice is transmitted to the other party over the internet by being encrypted in certain codecs. In this sending case, the audio codecs are uploaded in packets via the internet. The voice of the other party is also processed and the code is added, and as a result of this, the voice is downloaded in packets via the internet. The average bandwidth of 40 Kbits/sec is used during this code injection time. VoIP uses many protocols in the background, but the most common of these is the SIP protocol.


SIP Protocol:
The SIP protocol also has a very important place in the answer to the question of what is an IP phone. Because the SIP protocol, especially, is widely used in Turkey. SIP stands for Sension Initiation Protocol. SIP is a protocol developed to provide telephone service over the Internet. SIP is used for call setup and changing parameters during a call between two or more users on an IP network.

Besides the question of what is an IP phone, another important question is the advantages of using an IP phone.