Üztanıma sistemləri

Face recognition system has started to be in demand with the increasing use of personnel tracking system and door access control systems. What makes the face recognition system attractive is fast face recognition, high security and longevity of the face recognition device because there is no contact.

In order to choose the right face recognition device, the purpose should be revealed first. With face reading devices; It can be used in many areas such as personnel tracking (PDKS), door opening, turnstile access, student tracking, dining hall number of meals and gym member tracking system. Whichever of these options will be used, a face reading device compatible with it should be selected. Another important element is the face recognition capacity. Magic Face facial recognition equipment has many models that can recognize between 300 and 30,000 faces. The differences between face-reading devices in general are as follows.

facial recognition capability.
It can have fingerprint reading and card reader along with face reading.
Face recognition software with connection RS232, TCP/IP or USB disk.
Dry contact trigger output (Relay Output) for gate, turnstile and barrier.
The ability to warn the start and end of hours, breaks by sending triggers to the bells.
Selection of thin, long rectangular or square frame depending on the width and narrowness of the area to be assembled.
Touch screen or keypad.
Having a built-in battery.
Scan resolution and lens angle of face scanning camera.
Capacity to keep transition LOGs in its memory.
Ability to receive remote support from the Call Center.
Having cloud data flow.
It can be used in integration with access control panels.


You can use face recognition readers for personnel tracking system, turnstile access control system, door opening, cafeteria tracking and fitness gym member tracking purposes. Magic Face face recognition devices have models that allow access with proximity card, fingerprint and password as well as face reading. You can examine the facial recognition models of our company, which is assertive about face recognition system prices, below, and you can determine the most suitable face recognition system for your company's use and ask for the price list from our sales managers. So why is the facial recognition system so trusted? This is because the face recognition feature is used, which is flawless in the face recognition system. These systems recognize the scars on the forehead, chin and nose parts of the face. These traces have a different algorithm in each person. In this way, there is no question of people having their faces scanned instead of each other. This ensures that the transitions are both safe and controlled.

One of the biggest features of face recognition system devices is that these devices provide feedback in Turkish and voice. When you have your face read, he will thank you aloud and in Turkish. It will also give a voice notification in Turkish during the identification processes. Another great feature of the face recognition system device is the ringing features of these devices. Thanks to the bell ringing feature, the bell can be ringed at the desired time, and it can be ensured that the personnel act collectively, especially in personnel follow-up. Face recognition system devices also have internal battery feature. Thanks to the built-in battery feature, the devices can continue to be used even in situations such as power cuts. As the Perkotek Teknoloji family, we distribute the Magic Face facial recognition system in Turkey, so the prices of these devices are very affordable in our company. If you want to buy, all you have to do is call us by dialing our phone numbers.

Let's talk about tracking personnel with the facial recognition system. Because these systems are generally used to track personnel. In order to follow the personnel with the face recognition system, first of all, the face recognition device must be installed in the areas where the personnel will enter and exit. Afterwards, it is necessary to make face identification of each personnel who will be allowed to pass. After these processes, each personnel will be able to switch easily. Of course, the personnel tracking program should also be used with these systems. Thanks to the personnel tracking program, the entrance and exit information, salaries, advance calculations, etc. of all personnel who switch from the face recognition system device. You can also do calculations automatically.