Bariyer sistemləri

No matter how much attention is paid to the construction machinery, which should be used by experts in the field, it can cause some accidents in the field of use. Barrier systems that must be in places where construction machinery is located are divided into two main categories, with steel or flexible barrier systems, and then spread over a wide area. In addition to the advantages it provides, there are also barriers that can provide access control by integrating with fingerprint, card reader and OGS systems.

Flexible protective barriers are impact resistant and can be recovered without any damage after impact.
Flexible barriers can stop high-speed forklifts weighing up to 4 tons.
Flexible barrier systems that do not require periodic maintenance like steel barriers do not break or change shape thanks to the synthetic polymer used.
Flexible barrier systems do not have a single coat of paint like steel barrier systems. There's nothing like wanting it completely painted and layers of paint over time.
Flexible barrier systems that do not fade or wear out over time with the sun's rays have features such as aesthetic appearance and easy transportation.
In a normal accident, flexible barrier systems do not cause any damage to the place where they are placed or fixed due to their flexibility. Iron and steel barrier systems are preferred due to their ease of use and many advantages.