İP domofonlar

Nowadays, there are very few people who have not encountered an intercom in their lives. Almost everyone has entered a code into an external panel at least once or used a key to access it. Intercoms, being the simplest access control devices, have long and firmly entered our lives. They were gradually improved: increased functionality, eliminated errors and shortcomings. The needs of consumers have also grown, now a person who wants to buy an intercom wants to get a device that integrates with other security systems installed at the facility. So, along with analog, IP intercoms also appeared.

Despite the fact that many users still prefer analogue as a more reliable and affordable option, IP intercoms are actively developing and occupying a significant place in the security equipment market.

Benefits of IP intercoms
Unlimited Subscribers
The door station camera can work as a normal IP surveillance camera.
The call can be transmitted to the intercom monitor (via LAN) and any mobile device (via 3G, 4G), which allows you to keep abreast of visitors, even while away from home.
In addition, it is easy to connect the IP camera to the head unit and view the image transmitted from them both in real time and in the archive.
Unlike analog intercoms, the IP intercom supports connecting a large number of open panels to one monitor (more than twenty).
A call from the panel can be sent immediately to all subscribers and all connected devices.
The whole system is connected to an internal intercom, which is very convenient for conversations, for example, with a management company or concierge of tenants of an apartment building; in a private house - between the utility block, the garage and the main room, etc.
A useful feature is remote system configuration via a computer (you can control all audio and video data, open / close access rights).