IT Autsorsing

IT Outsourcing is entrusting work on the construction and management of the information system to an external organization.

The practice of outsourcing is not a new idea. Most companies outsource their advertising, finance, legal, and HR services to specialized companies. But the most widespread form of outsourcing in the world is IT-outsourcing

Advantages of IT Outsourcing:

You get more reliable and quality service

Unlike a permanent employee (IT manager), the Logi Group company is financially responsible for the quality and execution time of the services it provides.
When a permanent employee is on a business trip, sick, or absent from work for other reasons, the organization is deprived of IT services. We provide uninterrupted and prompt service to our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Unlike a regular employee, our team is made up of professionals specialized in various areas of Information Technologies, which allows us to solve any problem faster and more thoroughly.
You save money, time and personal resources

The cost of IT Outsourcing services is lower than the salary of a permanent employee
There is no need to allocate space for a permanent employee in the office
You do not enter into an employment contract
You do not pay taxes on wages
You do not need to contact various organizations for the purchase, delivery and installation of computers, software and office equipment, repair of office equipment, refilling of cartridges, rooting of mini ATC, website updating and other such services. We are ready to undertake these tasks to save your time
You get computer and office equipment, software at wholesale prices