Təhlükəsizlik kameraları (İP kameralar, CCTV)

What is a CCTV camera?

CCTV is the name given to the system in which the image captured by the cameras is transmitted to a specific location. CCTV stands for "Close Circuit TeleVision". Unlike a television system, CCTV can be defined as a system for monitoring an image in a specific area instead of broadcasting from a central location to a large number of users. Today, CCTV is generally used for security purposes, but it can also be used for traffic control and monitoring dangerous areas.

What are the features of IP cameras?
They do not require any recording device, video card or similar hardware to work.
The transfer of the image is carried out only through a network with an Internet connection
It is the field of use that determines the type of IP camera. There are models that can be preferred either wired or wireless.
IP cameras are no different from cost monitoring systems. It can instantly transfer the obtained image to devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
It has the ability to save the image. It can detect motion, control alarms and be programmed.
What is IP Camera Operating Logic?
The working principle of IP cameras is that the captured image is instantly transferred to the user. To enable this transmission, sensors on the camera capture the image and convert it into an electrical signal. The signals are transmitted to a processor built into the camera, which converts the analog electrical signal into a digital signal. The digital signal can be recorded as well as broadcast externally via network connected to the camera, FTP server, web server, SMTP client.

IP cameras work differently than analog cameras. Analog cameras first transfer the captured image to a recording device called a DVR, and this image obtained from various devices can be watched.

This is not the case with IP cameras. These cameras convert the captured image into digital data and send it to the device it wants to transmit. Especially being able to watch this video from mobile phones brings many advantages. For example, when you install a camera system at your workplace, you can view the environment from wherever you are.

IP cameras are among the most preferred types of cameras today because they are suitable for expansion and have no maintenance costs.