Barmaq tanıma sistemləri

Fingerprint recognition systems (Fingerprint systems) - The permission control system is the equipment that ensures the control and safety of people who have permission to enter the premises. Systems that recognize people by fingerprints belong to this equipment. Each person's fingerprints are unique and have several unique characteristics. Biometric security systems are safer than electronic keys or cards, as electronic carriers can be forgotten or lost at home.

Fingerprint reader is the most common, universal and low-budget biometric recognition system. Fingerprint recognition systems are durable and resistant to damage. Human recognition is based on the individual image on the finger pads. The system then matches the fingerprint with the fingerprint in the database.

Before buying this surveillance system, pay attention to the number of fingerprints it can store. The number of users who can enter the protected object depends on this parameter.

Biometric systems are a universal technology that is used when identification of an employee is required in the fields of performing various tasks. This system protects the resources of your business from unauthorized access and organizes the work of employees as efficiently as possible.

It is used in various fields of economics:

In the fields of transport and construction;
In production organizations;
in the financial sector;
in government and healthcare companies.
Fingerprint recognition systems prevent unauthorized access and perform control functions. .