Bina idarəetmə sistemi – BMS

Global achievements in the construction of automated building management systems are based on the needs of modern society to create a comfortable environment for living, working and relaxing. Avandsis Group offers services for the design and integration of multi-purpose complex building automation systems using the latest hardware and software innovations and technologies. The integration of all building engineering systems into a single integrated complex significantly reduces the costs of building maintenance and ensures reliability, comfort, high level of security and savings of resources.

Building Management System
Management of houses and apartments, residential complexes, hotels, business and shopping centers, hospitals, administrative buildings of the industrial sector, government and commercial offices and other facilities is carried out through an Automated Building Management System (BMS).
BMS controls the following engineering systems of buildings:

• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) – provision of air freshness, humidity and temperature with minimal resource consumption;
• Gas and water supply - automated water and gas supply, tank filling, monitoring of gas and water pipes;
• Power supply and lighting - continuous power supply;
• IT and telecommunications – internet and telephone communication, radio, TV, etc. systems security;
• Security – video surveillance, access control, voice announcement, fire alarm, security alarm.

Advantages of BMS
• Savings – optimized operation of electricity supply, water and gas supply, heating and air conditioning systems significantly reduces the use of resources;
• Convenience – BMS provides convenience not only to building owners (in terms of management), but also to end users (in terms of use).
• Efficiency – automated security systems integrated into BMS allow immediate response to any emergency.
Specialists of Logi Group have extensive experience in the field of design and implementation and passporting of building automation and dispatching systems from leading international companies.