Mini ATS

Installation and connection of mini switchboards. Implementation of Virtual PBX Firewall LAN for business
Conquer SIP-phone, computer, smartphone, tablet, IP gateway with analog devices! Virtual PBX virtual PBX- this is a service that replaces the physical office station. The service is responsible for the company to bear the full cost of the functionality of the telephone exchange physically located at the provider and to pay the subscription fee for the cost of the telephone calls.

Take the meaning of « virtual» from the Latin word vir"person". Virtus was zastosovully for recognition of the sum of all evils of powerful people: physical strength, good behavior, moral goodness. The present meaning of the word is the real camp of the object, for which there is no difference between the real and the visible. You can be on the Internet to search for Virtual PBX Subscribers for voice communication. The provider canmos connects the phone via the Internet for free, sees the source, provides access to statistics! A station is required for negotiations, all negotiations will be made through it until the subscriber is connected. It creates a time channel for the call to dial the required number that will connect the two phones behind the auxiliary station, after the channel is completed, the channel is automatically received by other stations.

Connect an IP phone with a call for virtual PBX stickers, manage MG/MN routes, collect statistics, record calls, set up a calling schedule for both weekends and weekends, fax, auto answer, private. Functionality: automatically receive calls and dial whether there is a number, Listen to automatic calls via Email, block a rich channel number, receive a call for a layout, a rich menu of voice, group subscribers, split calls, switch calls, black lists, followed by more, shorter numbering. It is more convenient and simple to connect: softphones installed on a computer or smartphone, IP gateway with analog phones, IP phones. A wide choice of devices or programs for calls from multiple vibrators. The most technologically advanced, simple, Swedish way to connect to the Internet. High quality conversations in business life are provided by optical cable or Q&Q technology. The transition to a new rіven will be carried out by a dekіlkoh tizhnіv after confirmation, the insertion of an optical cable after the canmos call operator. Optical lines can transmit a large amount of information from light, the sight channel ensures the transmission of a high-quality signal without switching from provider to subscriber.
Managing and administering calls over the phone is becoming a tool for business and an essential element of business work, many of the current legal issues add serious respect to your development. Depending on the quality of communication, it is rich in efficiency in mutual relations with subscribers to promote equal management of the organization.

Communication canmos save a lot of money and also eliminate a dedicated resource to automate rich business processes. The transmission of the signal is sent to an additional station, as it is located at the server station of the provider. In your mind, you don't need to set up a bulky device when you wake up. This simplifies the connection process.

The managers of businesses, their structural subdivisions, managers and individual businesses understand that their organizations are entering the new era. Leather zatsіkavleniya zbіlshennі kіlkostі kіlєntіv, svogo priєmstva, vyzhennі vitrat, podvishchennі obyagu sale, in suspіshny prosuvannі various chi servіv efficiency. Vykoristannya our tekhnologii vyrіshuє tsі zavdannya, vvodyachi biznes inshiy fragmented.

Innovative transfer of work is necessary to develop multiple contacts, establish contacts with contractors and plan work scheduling. Caregivers call for help, callers talk one-on-one to break the silence of other meals, operators and managers accept applications from subscribers. For reasons of increasing importance of such aspects:

speed and quality of signal transmission;
uninterrupted work;
the possibility of connecting a large number of numbers;
reduce phone cost without wasting productivity.