Lift idarəetmə sistemləri

Do you have an elevator and don't want everyone to go up to every floor? Do you want only the people you authorize to go to the floors that are allowed by the elevator? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place.

With the elevator floor authorization system, you can customize the floors for the person you want. You can use the floor access system either offline or with a computer connection and report who goes to which floors and when.

Installation and use of the card reader elevator authorization system
The elevator authorization panel is installed in the machine room of the elevator or in a suitable place. The elevator authorization panel can authorize specified cards up to 10 floors. If the number of parking spaces on floors is more than 10, you can increase the number of parking spaces without limitation by using multiple panels integrated with each other. A card reader is also installed inside the elevator cabin. A cat6 cable is run between the elevator authorization panel and the elevator card reader. This cable is quite easy to run as the data and power cables are already routed from the machine room to the elevator car to operate the elevator and only need to connect the cat6 cable needed to operate the system. earlier cables. The elevator floor authorization software is installed on any computer used in the business and the system is ready to use.

The ID cards of the arriving guests are taken and they are given a lift card instead. It is coded in the program which floors and between which times the card can go. As a result of the entered parameters, it is ensured that the user of the lift card goes to certain floors with certain time intervals on certain days of the week. When the user gets on the elevator, he first reads his card, receives energy for the floors he can use according to the authorization level specified in his card, and ensures the use by pressing what he wants. . He presses the buttons for the disallowed cards, but the elevator does not go there.