Avto Parkinq sistemləri

The parking solution systems that we offer, allow the automation of car parks. It is possible to control the entrance, exit and the captured parking places in the automated mode. You can use the car-parks, by paying in cash or via ID card.

The direct payment to the booking-office or tablet machines is also available. It is also possible to fix a special equipment to control the free and captured places. The software has many functions, is practical and allows making any operations.

Administration can get a complete report about the full-work of car-park for upon request. Firstly, it is just a security of cars. You can prevent the theft and unpleasant accidents of car by special security cameras. Therefore, customer will get the information about the number of free places, via special sensors and traffic-lights without entering the car-parking.

It is also an income! Thanks to Park cash, you can see exactly the sum of money, which you pay. Automation of any equipment reduces the labor force and you save the budget.

Pay and display machines include the equipment presenting chance to manage parking stations and read the plates.