Data mərkəzlərinin yaradılması

What is Required to Set Up a Data Center?
Today, information is gaining more and more importance for individuals and institutions. In particular, the information obtained over the internet holds the undisputed superiority. Institutions invest in data centers in order to ensure information management and to run their business faster. Let's take a brief look at the requirements to set up a data center;

1. Physical Space Adequacy
The first condition for a data center is to have an area to receive data center equipment and tools and to provide the necessary climatic conditions for the data center. It is especially important to insulate data centers where air conditioning is very important. While creating a physical space for a data center, its infrastructure should be designed accordingly.

2. Air Conditioning Standards
The other most important item in the section required to establish a data center is air conditioning. Cooling should be done at a level that will throw out the heat produced by the vehicles that will work here and create an environment where they will work with performance.

3. Complete Configuration of Infrastructure
When establishing a data center, it is necessary to plan very well and create a seamless infrastructure system. Accordingly, it is necessary to create both a good internet and energy infrastructure. The adequacy of uninterruptible power supplies is also very important, especially since these devices must operate uninterruptedly. In these places, where there will be an intense electricity production, appropriate cabling and infrastructure should be created so that the devices are not affected by these harsh conditions.

4. Adequacy of Data Center Equipment
Depending on the work to be done, the most suitable network equipment should be selected. For this reason, it is very important to plan the data centers from the beginning before they are established.

5. Ensuring Security
It is necessary to ensure the security of these centers, where the information of the companies is managed, at a high level. It is important to be protected against all kinds of races, from theft to fire. The other part that is as important as the correct establishment and operation of data centers is taking backups. It is very important for institutions to back up the information processed in these centers against all possible risks. Although the requirements for establishing a data center are generally similar, sometimes the business of the company varies according to conditions such as the sector. In this respect, as we said above, planning is the indispensable step of these systems.